Game Development & Programming

Unity, Unreal, Phaser,
TypeScript, JavaScript

Concept, Game Design, Quest Flow

Animation, Rigging, Mesh Deformation

Windows, Android, Ios, HTML5

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Unity Applications

Unity 3D Games

2D Mesh Deformation Animation

Character Rigging

C# Programming

TypeScript / JavaScript Programming

Story/Quest Flows

Art Department

2D / 3D Character Design

2D / 3D Level Design

2D / 3D Skinning & Porting


More Environments

2D Props and Models

2D Characters & Animation

Concept Art


2D & 3D  Level Design
2D & 3D Character Design & Modeling

Characters, Props: Art & Texturing
UI/UX Design

Skinning & Cutting
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